By Jimmy Cassells  | Feb 2, 2015

Web Analytics | Startup Life

How to Uncover Potential Interested Clients (without Being Too Creepy)

The normal Request For Proposal (RFP) process for a company looking to use the services of another company looks something like this:


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By Rhiza Oyos  | Sep 27, 2013

Web Analytics | SEO

Organic Keyword Data is Dead: Google Analytics' (Not Provided) Keyword Off to 100%

So you've most likely heard the news, or seen the alarming change in your Google Analytics data. Specifically, the organic search keyword data. This...


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By Rhiza Oyos  | Sep 6, 2013

Content Marketing | Web Analytics

How to Write Your First Blog Post? Let's Take it from Seth Godin, Rand Fishkin, and Dharmesh Shah

So you finally launched a company blog, and you come face to face with your first blogging predicament: What should you write on your first post?


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