What Types of Content Drive Engagement on Facebook

By Kimmy Maclang on August 23, 2017
Kimmy Maclang

Facebook remains to be the leading social media platform around the world with over 1.87 billion active users. If your brand isn’t on Facebook, then you’re missing out on a lion’s share of the market.

Social media marketing rocks, and you’re in it for the long haul! So, you hop on Facebook and create a page for your brand. Soon enough, you discover that building an audience and getting them to engage with your content isn’t as easy as you thought. Despite posting consistently and people liking your page, they just aren’t talking about you or engaging with you.

According to Sprout Social, increasing engagement across social channels is a key strategy to success for 80% of social marketers. So, don’t throw in the towel just yet! With the right type of content, you can drive engagement on Facebook.

Here are the different content types you can choose from to increase your Facebook engagement rates.

1. Rich Photo

Social media users are attracted to breathtaking and captivating images. According to a study conducted by OKdork and Buzzsumo, visual content gets shared more than twice as much as posts without images.

Travel, photography, art, food, fashion, beauty, and similar industries utilize rich photos to drive engagement. A lot of times, very little accompanying text is needed for rich photos to generate audience interest. In fact, this is one of the reasons Facebook advertising only requires a 20% text-image ratio.

With rich photos that are appropriately edited and optimized, your audience will feel compelled to share the emotions that your photo evokes. Indeed, a beautiful picture can paint a thousand words!

2. Quality Video Content

Social media users watch over 8 billion videos on Facebook every day, making Facebook videos one of the top priorities for marketers all over the world.

Remember that time you got too engrossed watching cute dog videos on Facebook, without realizing that it’s been two hours already? People log onto Facebook for entertainment, so short video clips that are informative, helpful, and delighting generate high engagement rates.

Create square videos that are optimized for mobile devices. According to a Buffer Social research, square videos generate more engagement and reach. Users don’t need to turn their phone to get the full screen video. Additionally, make sure that your videos are in HD format. Facebook users are less tolerant of blurry visuals that strain the eyes.

3. Branded Images

Branded images don’t just refer to watermarked images. Incorporating your brand message and personality in your images works like a charm.

Target does this so well. Check out how they placed their logo in this promo image. Any consumer would know that this is a Target promotion.


Even if Target weren’t the one who posted on their own Facebook page, you’d know that it’s a Target campaign. Just look at this post by Rascal Flatts with a Target logo on the corner.


4. Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is highly valuable in increasing engagement rates in Facebook. It’s practically timeless and will remain relevant for your audience for a very long time. This includes tips, how-to articles, guides, lists, interviews, and the like.


For as long as it’s helpful, education, and thought-provoking, your evergreen content will drive Facebook engagement.

5. Quick Questions

The quick question approach is simple and doesn’t require too much time or effort from your audience. Not only does it drive engagement, but it also helps you get to know your target consumers better. Make it short and simple. Listen to what your followers are saying, and respond to their comments. This will help build a lasting relationship.


Sephora started their #OneQuickQuestion campaign on Facebook in 2013 and successfully engaged their audience. A couple of years later, it still works!

6. Facebook Polls

Similar to the quick question approach, Facebook polls generate engagement rates by asking users to answer an easy question. Ever notice how Facebook users like to ‘crowdsource’? Take it up a notch with the interactive interface of polls.

The great thing about Facebook polls is that users can immediately see the results. Although polls can only be created on Facebook Groups and Events, you can use third-party apps if you want to crowdsource on your Facebook page. 

7. Nostalgic Posts

Nostalgia is an effective way to start conversations and interactions on Facebook. This is why #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday became so popular. People like looking back and reminiscing about the past.


To do this effectively, you need to understand your followers and find out what question or statement would provoke a response. Be sociable. Ask the right questions and interact with your followers by answering their comments. Remember the old times along with your fans.

8. Company Events

Facebook Events also help you generate engagement. Once your page published an event, it becomes the discussion thread of interested followers and guests, which may boost your followers' activities.

At the same time, it helps you promote your actual business event for a specific target audience. Update your event page, ask questions, conduct polls, respond to comments, and give your audience something to look forward to by posting marketing materials like teasers, and videos.  Use it to let your followers know what to expect and make sure to deliver what you promise. Better yet, exceed their expectations. 

9. Promos and Discounts

Freebies, promos, and discounts are offers that a lot of consumers find hard to resist. Posting them one your Facebook page will generate engagement. Who doesn’t like flash sales and promos, right?

Include an image or visual content on your promotional posts to make sure that it’s easily seen by your target audience. Highlight the benefit that users can derive from your promo to ensure engagement and conversion.


Determine which content your audience is more receptive to. However, keep in mind that doing these kinds of content doesn’t guarantee brand engagement. It’s a long process that needs trial and error. Continue evaluating and improving your content marketing strategies to produce quality content that are targeted to their market and audience.

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