Why Blogging and Thought Leadership Go Hand-in-Hand

By Rhiza Oyos on May 17, 2016
Rhiza Oyos

No matter what industry you work in, branding yourself is very crucial.

In the global marketplace where competition is only getting progressively higher, establishing your brand is a definite must. 

Whether you like it or not, you would always have a bunch of competitors who can do the same things that you do (sometimes, even better) and it’s important that you know how to position yourself in the market in order to keep your competitive edge.

The best way to stay on top? Set yourself as a thought leader. The most effective way to become one in this digital age? Blog.

Case in point, I was first introduced to these brands because of their blogs. Zendesk blogs about Customer Service insights, Hubspot provides marketing tips and tricks, Copyblogger blogs about writing and blogging, and Buffer talks about social media, startups and work productivity.


There's so much value one can get off the pages of their blogs, which is usually the thing that draws people in. Later on we learn that these companies are actually selling software. In other words, their blog has become a gateway for people to get to know the brand first, and what their product or service is later.

Blogging and thought leadership go hand in hand in today’s marketplace where content marketing should be at the heart of your business strategy. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates mentioned it in his article published 20 years ago and until today, the saying still stands: content marketing is king.

Clients prefer to be informed and entertained. If you want your business to prosper, you also need to pour efforts in publishing valuable content aside from continuously developing and improving your products and services.

Establish yourself as an authority and a resource that they can trust and soon enough, you’d be gaining a steady following.

Here are some other reasons how blogging helps you become a thought leader:

Blogging helps you lay the foundation as an expert in your field.

The quality of your products and services may speak a lot about your brand but this is not always sufficient if you want to stay relevant.

When customers encounter a problem, they usually turn to search engines to look for information that can help them address issue. More often than not, they don’t immediately head off to their local supermarket or pick up their phone to order the product they need. They always do their own research first.

In this situation, you want your business to come up in their search results, which could be achieved best if you venture into SEO and blogging.

Make yourself known by providing solutions to customers’ problems. Become an expert whom customers can always turn to in case they need help by relevant information.

Blogging helps you stay consistent with your forward thinking. 

Publishing timely content on a regular basis requires you to do research on the latest trends and news in your field. This aside, it also helps you stay consistent in your forward thinking, which is one of the main foundations of being a thought leader.

You set yourself apart from your competitors by having an innovative mindset that allows you to predict things in the future. In the age where the business landscape is evolving fast, your foresight would greatly be appreciated not only by your customers and clients, but also by other related organizations in your field.

You want to be known in and out of your industry as a quality information provider.

Blogging allows you to build customer relationships.

One of the best ways to engage your (potential or existing) customers is to educate them. Publish valuable content, syndicate them with your online platforms and before you know it, you’ve already built a community.

If you want to properly build customer relationships, you need to personalize your message. Newsletters, banner ads, and social media posts may help you get this message across, but nothing else quite does the trick better than a well-crafted blog post.

May it be through long-form publishing or an ebook, the communication feels more personal when your customers know that you’re directly addressing their problems and concerns. Assure them that you’re here to help, that you have the solution that they’re looking for. Demonstrate your expertise by educating them on what you think they need to know.

The benefits that you’ll reap later on will be worthwhile. Retailtouchpoints.com suggests that customer relationships, not rewards, are the key to successful loyalty programs these days.  In this age where retaining brand loyalty is becoming increasingly difficult with how fast new business are emerging, you’d be thankful that you decided that you established a solid community by engaging your customers through blogging.

Competition is only getting higher, but you can always make yourself stay on top of the line by becoming recognized. Instead of following the status quo, set yourself apart by becoming a thought leader and set the standard. Quality business organizations come and go but thought leaders? They’re indispensable.

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