5 No-brainer Content Promotion Habits to Consistently Grow Your Blog Traffic

By Rhiza Oyos on April 29, 2019
Rhiza Oyos

With Content Marketing, content creation is just half of the battle. The other half is getting your content right in front of your target audience. Other marketers even say it's supposed to be 20% content creation, 80% content promotion.

The fact is, there are millions of content being published each day and the challenge is to have your content rise above that noise. Hence, the need to get into the habit of content promotion.

There are a thousand and one strategies to do this. To start with, here are some of proven effective ways you can do everyday to reach your target audience.


Content Promotion Habits to Grow Your Blog Traffic


  1. Take advantage of owned media and resources

This is something companies often fail to leverage on, its army of content promoters right within its own office. Often, companies leave it to their marketing agency to do the whole Content Marketing for them--from strategy to content creation to promotion--and yes, that's what hiring professionals is for.

But an agency's work is only as good as its client's support and cooperation. In all our years working with companies from different industries, we find that the best performing projects are ones where clients actively participate in the process. This includes providing us ideas and data to help us create valuable content, as well as promoting the content that we do for them.

In the same way, it's easy to "leave it to the Content Marketing Department" to brainstorm, create and promote content; after all, everyone else has other things to do, right? Big. Mistake.

I like pointing out that Content Marketing is not a department it's the collective effort of the entire company in delivering its message to its target audience. And when everyone involves himself in the content strategy, the community effort increases the company's reach, strengthens thought leadership, and builds up the brand.

Get your employees (or your client's employees) to promote content. Alert them when a new content is up, push them to get involved in the process and establish a company culture where content creation, idea generation and content promotion is a way of life.


  1. Reach out to influencers

At this point we’ve established that an effective content strategy involves a lot of things beyond creating content. You engage with your readers, connect with them through social media, take part in discussions. You can’t just drop the link to your blog anywhere, leave, and expect people to read. You want to give them a reason to check your website out.

So when you find thought leaders and influencers in your industry, begin building relationship with them. Comment on their blog posts, follow them in social media, introduce yourself, email them with a warm, personalized outreach email. When they see that your content is relevant, chances are, they will promote your content in their own social media feeds too.


  1. Find (or build!) your tribe

“Tribe” is a fancy term used to describe a group of like-minded individuals learning from each other and helping each other in their ventures.

You want like-minded followers and influencers in your “tribe”. As we repeatedly mention, it’s okay to not have a lot of readers, you only need targeted ones. In other words, you’d rather have 100 close friends than 1000 random acquaintances. These are the people whom you know can learn from and benefit from your content at the same time.

One practical way to find your tribe is to search key phrases, say, in Twitter, and see who are talking about the key phrases you searched for. Connect and engage with these people, and help promote their content as well.


  1. "Hang out" where your buyer personas are

This is why it's very important to establish from the get-go who your buyer personas are, what type of content they need, and where to find them.

Not only do you need to create content that will answer their questions and help them with their challenges, you also want to hang out where they are, join in their discussions, and promote your content right there.


  1. Promote and engage in social media

Social media remains to be one of the most effective ways to promote blog content and interact with your audience. There are various social media channels that you can use. Take note—you don’t have to be in ALL of them. Invest time and effort in social media channels that fit your goals and reader personas.

LINKEDIN is good place to find job-seekers and employers, business partners, collaborators. They also have a publishing platform for thought leaders, allowing you to share your thoughts about your industry, work ethics, world views.

TWITTER is good for real time updates. We see a lot of businesses using Twitter as a customer support channel. TV stations use it to engage with viewers. Many B2B organizations use it to connect with industry leaders and subject matter experts too.

PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM are image heavy and therefore ideal for creative industries. It’s a good place to showcase web and graphic design, interior design and architecture, fashion and retail, photography, real estate, etc.

FACEBOOK is still the biggest social media channel, so whatever industry you’re in, you want to establish presence in Facebook. Practically any niche has a place in FB. It has a comprehensive platform and an e-commerce functionality especially for businesses.

Consider investing in sponsored posts. As competition gets tougher, content promotion should also get smarter. Putting in a little budget to get your content out there will return your investment in no time. The key is to make sure your content is aligned with your business goals, and ushers first time visitors right into your marketing funnel.


Effective Content Promotion Helps Build Your Brand


  • It gets your content in front of the right audience

As you would imagine, great content promotion gets you in front of your target’s faces. Clearly it’s much better if you go viral, but if not then just the normal day to day existence on the social networking field would be fine. The point is getting them to look at your copy materials and possibly drive them to click. It is important to specify the space you want to promote in, but if you do it beautifully, you’d get relevant eyeballs.


  • It adds human element to your strategy

It makes you un-robotic. Your target would love it if they got content from someone who actually breathes, right? Sharing and promoting content makes your target market understand that you as a brand agree to certain ideals and topics. Make sure to edit your copy materials and make them feel really… human.


  • It boosts your rep as an industry expert

In the real world, who is in the right position to share expert level information? Yes, Experts. As a brand, you’d want to be perceived as an expert in your field. A food blogger must know what makes a food taste good, same goes for a tech blogger who must also know specs and parts.

Sharing expert level content makes you appear to be a great go-to source for reliable information. It absolutely revs up your image as a source of legitimate content, which gives a great branding recall to your target market.


  • It allows you to build relationships with influencers

Basically, influencers are the endorsers you want but don’t pay. If you promote their content, or reach out to them about their content, they’d be pleased. They might even promote you in return, which is the greatest thing they can give you. Them sharing your content creates the appearance of support and backing. Trust me, if you have an influencer supporting you, then you’re on your way to creating a strong brand.


  • It connects you to a bigger community

People relate to one another, seeking for mutual interest with one another. If you want to create a bond with your target market, then nothing’s better than presenting them something they can relate with. This does not only add to the “Human” feel of your brand, but also creates a closer relationship with your market. Oh, and don’t forget to answer to those comments! 


Get in the Habit of Promoting Your Content!

Your content is only as powerful as it's distribution. If it’s a video, you must find ways to get views. If it’s an article, you must find ways to attract readers. It all goes down to plainly driving traffic by influencing your target audience to look at the content you’re promoting.

Now, you may just be a normal day-to-day blogger who likes writing about certain subject matters that interest you. You may like writing about food, tech, sports, music, or fashion. Point is, whatever kind of blogger you are, content promotion is extremely important in building your brand. As a soloist, you want to be viewed as someone who clearly knows a specific subject matter. You at least know enough to write about it.

If you’re running a business, however, this just puts you up on another tier. You clearly want to be perceived as a great source of information. You also want to get closer to your target market, which is why you make content in the first place. The image you’re creating makes a big impact on your industry and this may generally lead to getting, well, leads!


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