Beginners' Guide to Remarketing

By Janelle Priscilla Vila on January 11, 2014
Janelle Priscilla Vila

Hello there, I’m Janelle, one of the Online Advertising Strategists here at Spiralytics. So yeah, I’m writing my first blog post ever (in exchange for free lunch, kidding) and I have to be honest, this is totally brand spanking new to me. But hey, as they always say, great things start from small beginnings!

So. Let's get this going. Have you ever had that strange and frightening feeling that an ad follows and haunts you wherever you browse on the net? Sometimes you even see the same ad twice, thrice and even 10 times a day on different sites. Aha, you have been caught by Remarketing.

Whether you’re in B2B, e-Commerce or Publishing, remarketing will be beneficial for your business. Over the past months that I was testing Remarketing for numerous of clients, I saw how their campaigns grow significantly.

What is Remarketing?

Some people call it Retargeting, others Remarketing. As far as Google AdWords is concerned, Remarketing and Retargeting are the same thing though officially, Google uses the term Remarketing. It is an awesome tool that brings leads from returning potential customers.

Retargeting 101

How is it done? In a nutshell, you simply create tags, add them to your desired page, then create custom combinations based on how you want them to perform. Trust me, it's easier than it sounds.

When using Remarketing, you can show relevant and timely messages tailored to all customers of the buying cycle based on which sections of your site they have visited.

Whether it's for direct response or branding, Remarketing can be a strategic component of every campaign. It can drive return on investment (ROI) for all types of advertisers. It’s a great way for advertisers to reach users who are likely to be highly-receptive to their ads and special offers — bringing advertisers and websites higher returns.

Still with me? Let’s talk about setting up your first remarketing campaign:

Setting up your First Remarketing Campaign

1. Add Remarketing Tags to your site.

Insert tags to all the pages of your website. This can be done through Shared Library>Audiences section of your AdWords Account.

Adding Tags to Your Remarketing Campaign

2. Create Remarketing Lists

Create lists that you wish to target. E.g. visitors of your shampoo products, visitors of your conditioner products, abandoned carts etc. You can also create All Visitors to your site, Visitors to a specific page or area of your site. Visitors who have completed a specific conversion goal etc.

Creating Remarketing Lists

3. Upload Text/Banner Ads

It’s very important that you create tailored ads to the audience you are remarketing for. At this point I'd assume that you've worked with your graphic designer in coming up with banner ads that will drive your target market to your site. As you upload your banners, keep in mind your individual categories, products and services.

Now that you have known the steps of setting up your first remarketing campaign, make sure it aligns with your business goals and objectives.

I would say simple lists work well at first, but as your online advertising program grows, so will your Remarketing strategies too. You'll begin to expand on what works better and will eventually venture into new areas to try out and test.

In my next post I'll discuss about remarketing strategies you can apply, and how to measure the performance of your campaigns.

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Janelle Priscilla Vila

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