Louise Myjel Guevarra

Myjel works as a writer for different platforms on various subject matters and disciplines. She likes to read during her spare time—be it fictional novels, think pieces, or the latest Hollywood gossip and viral memes. She wants to learn how to cook, read Kanji, and play drums. She also believes that humans don’t deserve dogs.
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By Louise Myjel Guevarra  | Aug 9, 2018

Design & UX | Mistakes

10 User Experience Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website Conversions

Customers usually like to take their time and explore their options. But no matter how long it takes for them to look around, once they’ve set their...


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By Louise Myjel Guevarra  | Jun 25, 2018

SEM | Online Advertising

Improve Quality Score and Search Ad Ranking [How-To Guide]

According to online advertising statistics in 2016, four out of five businesses use Google AdWords for their PPC campaigns, and that they earned...


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By Louise Myjel Guevarra  | Jun 5, 2018

Paid Advertising | Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Optimize PPC Landing Pages for Conversions [How-To Guide]

Digital marketers often opt for organic traffic rather than paid advertising, thinking that organic traffic is a subtler strategy. While it’s true...


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By Louise Myjel Guevarra  | May 15, 2018

Paid Advertising | SEM

Paid Search Optimizations [9 Easy Steps]

Nowadays, Search Engine Marketing and Paid Search strategies are standard marketing procedures that entice customers who rely on online information...


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