Juan Gabriel Garcia

Gab is one of the newest additions to the content team. He loves eating veggies, binge-watching anime, and making all kinds of music. One day he plans to be a rockstar and dreams of making the world a better place for his cat and dog!
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By Juan Gabriel Garcia  | Mar 5, 2020

Email Marketing

10 Insane Statistics Prove Email Marketing is More Powerful than Ever

Email has been around long before the internet even existed. Ray Tomlinson, the man who would eventually become one of the forefathers of the...


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By Juan Gabriel Garcia  | Feb 3, 2020

Design & UX

A Beginner's Guide to User Experience (UX) Design

In the age when brands and businesses have transitioned to the digital space, creating a website has now become a necessity. In the process of...


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By Juan Gabriel Garcia  | Dec 11, 2019

Social Media

5 Brands Show Us How To Win Big with Social Media Marketing

The social media landscape has evolved tremendously over the last decade. What was once a single social network has turned into a dynamic digital...


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By Juan Gabriel Garcia  | Nov 25, 2019

Design & UX | Customer Experience

A Beginners Guide to Website User Experience (UX) Design

Modern UX design is no longer something that's "nice to have." If you're not optimizing your website for the user, you're already one step behind...


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By Juan Gabriel Garcia  | Oct 21, 2019

SEO | Linkbuilding

Anchor Strategy 101: 4 Tips for Link Building

A few years back, keyword usage was the name of the game. 


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