Josh Javier

Josh is a coffee-loving gentleman who works as a Content Specialist for Spiralytics. His idea of a great time usually includes comics, video games, and learning from every piece of reading he can get his hands on. Right now, he plans of taking on the world through real-life strategies rooted from game plans of his own creation.
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By Josh Javier  | Jan 25, 2020

B2B marketing

How Millennials are Reshaping B2B Marketing

Digital natives, echo boomers, Gen Yโ€”call them whatever you like, but no one can deny that millennials are changing the way the world works.


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By Josh Javier  | Oct 15, 2018

Content Marketing | Fake News

Content Marketing in the Age of Fake News

Fake news is but one of the many things wrong with the Internet that massively influences how people consume media today. And it affects all of us โ€“...


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By Josh Javier  | Apr 19, 2018

Social Media | Paid Advertising

Organic vs Paid: Which is Better for Driving Social Media Referral Traffic?

Social media continues its reign as a top choice for marketers and businesses looking to reach their target audience in the Information Age. But...


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By Josh Javier  | Mar 21, 2018

Paid Advertising | SEM

Develop an SEM Plan That Works for Any Brand ๐Ÿ“‹ [How-to-Guide]

Are you trying to create an optimized SEM plan that drives profitable conversions for your brand? The PPC experts at Spiralytics are at your...


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By Josh Javier  | May 19, 2017

Outsourcing | Marketing Agency

The Secret to a Healthy Client-Agency Relationship

When it comes to maximizing the ROI from your marketing agency, it pays to have a good client-agency relationship. It makes everything easier: your...


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