Jimmy Cassells

Spiralytics’ resident mad scientist, Managing Director Jimmy Cassells is a Stanford Engineer who somehow found a way to apply Industrial Engineering methods to online marketing. Since arriving in Manila in 2005, he's started a few lead generation companies, helped launch Zalora in 2012, and Spiralytics, his latest passion. On the weekend you'll find him on one of the Philippines' 7,107 islands with an ice cold San Miguel in hand.

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By Jimmy Cassells  | Jan 8, 2019

SEO | Case Study

How Globe Telecom Increased Organic Traffic by Over 100% [Case Study]

In 2016, Globe Telecom partnered with Spiralytics to improve the digital marketing efforts of Globe. Fast forward almost two years after, our...


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By Jimmy Cassells  | Jun 22, 2015

Paid Advertising

Case Study: How Facebook Ad Fatigue Can Destroy Your Campaign Metrics

Facebook Ad Fatigue Definition Facebook Ad fatigue is the condition when your audience gets tired of seeing your ads for seeing them over and over...


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By Jimmy Cassells  | Feb 2, 2015

Web Analytics | Startup Life

How to Uncover Potential Interested Clients (without Being Too Creepy)

The normal Request For Proposal (RFP) process for a company looking to use the services of another company looks something like this:


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By Jimmy Cassells  | Jan 14, 2014


5 Ways SEO and PR Can Work Together

Earlier this year I was invited to give a talk at the PR Congress 2013 which took place in Boracay. It was an opportunity worth taking, not only for...


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