Fatima Al-Hussaini

Fatima is a Content Marketing Writer for Spiralytics. She graduated with a Communication Arts degree from DLSU Manila and found a career in writing shortly afterward. Her other passions include yoga, calligraphy, and traveling. She has two cats and a deep love for chocolates!

Recent Posts

By Fatima Al-Hussaini  | Oct 22, 2018

Content Marketing | Content Intelligence

Content Intelligence: How Can it Empower My Business?

The world’s digital transformation has come a long way since the first touchscreen cell phone was introduced over two decades ago. Technology is now...


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By Fatima Al-Hussaini  | Sep 24, 2018

Customer Experience

The 10 Commandments of Customer Experience Management

Over the years, companies have evolved their marketing and customer relation techniques. The rise of inbound methods and technological advancements...


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