Chin-Chin Suarez

Chin-Chin (so good, they had to name her twice) is the newest addition to the Spiralytics content creation team. Her passions include reading, watching movies, and scouring her Facebook feed for the latest kwento.

Recent Posts

By Chin-Chin Suarez  | Mar 18, 2019

Video Marketing

How Brands Can Boost Engagement with Video

In this always-on world, people expect more visual content on websites and social media channels. The fact that 86% of companies use video on their...


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By Chin-Chin Suarez  | Mar 11, 2019

Moment Marketing

A New Digital Practice: Micro-Moment Marketing

Checking for updates on Facebook while waiting for a cab, searching for nearby restaurants when deciding what to eat, looking up a product or service...


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By Chin-Chin Suarez  | Nov 26, 2018

SEO | Linkbuilding

Approach Linkbuilding the "Right" Way [How-To Guide]

Link building remains to be one of the most reliable search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in driving traffic to your website organically....


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