7 Ways Blogging Benefits Your SEO Strategy

By Mike Lagman on August 04, 2016
Mike Lagman

There are many reasons why you need to have a blog on your company website. Apart from sharing company news and promotions, helping build trust among your customers and building yourself up as an industry expert, one of the best reasons to blog is because it helps boost your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

But of course, simply blogging or publishing blog posts left and right will not do the magic. There’s a sort of science and chaotic discipline into blogging that will only work if you know the basic ingredients. Here are some ways on how blogging benefits (and levels up!) your SEO game.

1. Fresh, Unique Content

Apart from your audience, guess who loves fresh, unique content? Google! And other search engines for that matter. Blogging is the easiest, fastest and most cost efficient way of publishing new pages and content on your website.

Whenever people search for companies that sell the same products or services, search engines cull the most current content it can find. Sometimes, finding the right provider or company can be a tiring as finding a needle in a haystack. Therefore, regularly updating your blog helps potential customers find you. Make sure your website rises above competitors by publishing new content regularly.

2. Backlinks

Backlinking can be a win-win situation for companies but make sure you are dealing with good quality sites, otherwise, Google will tag you and you might even be penalized.

The same thing can happen when your blog links appear on websites that are nor related to your company, product, service and industry. Backlinks can definitely help up the ante of your SEO strategy but just like in building trust, make sure you are working with reputable sources.

3. Keywords

Keywords were once the king of SEO strategy but the bots got smart to the tricks. Now, packing a bunch of keywords into your article over and over will not only annoy the readers but the search engines as well, which could result in you getting penalized.

Still, keywords can help your SEO strategy, but you have to exert more weight and smarts into making sure they are unique ones. Aside from just “words,” SEO strategists now use phrases and long-tail keywords to make their posts stand out from the crowd.

Boost SEO through Content Marketing

4. Virality

Sometimes, you get lucky and your blog post becomes viral. It can even happen overnight! But that's like shooting for the moon. Sometimes, even if you publish a really interesting, timely article, these two factors don't guarantee virality.

So what do you do? Like the age-old adage, you still shoot for the moon because there’s a guarantee that you will still land on those stars, meaning, your timely article will still land some decent unique views.

The best tactic is to either publish evergreen articles or really timely ones. Determine what your readers really want to read online and give it to them. Eventually, you'll see lasting results on your blog traffic.

5. Social Media Sharing Buttons

In order to increase your chances of going viral, make it easy for people to share your blog post. Add all the social media sharing buttons you can fit in there without making it look to crowded. The faster people can share, the faster your SEO ranking will go up.

6. Images and Videos

We all know that a good visual adds drama and character to your blog post. But adding a bunch of images in your blog post will not improve your SEO game if you don’t use some HTML magic.

Optimize your blog images by adding a keyword to their filenames and the alt-text HTML tag. This will help search engines read your images as keywords and help customers find you. The same goes for tagging your videos with unique search terms that your customers often use to find information online.

7. Guest Bloggers

Inviting an external resource to post a blog on your website will not only get you that guest blogger’s following but also improve your company’s reputation in the blogging community. Guest bloggers are treated as experts in their own right.

If you’re a makeup or lifestyle brand, inviting beauty bloggers to create how-to posts and even videos can help you in the SEO game. If you’re in the hospitality business, inviting a travel blogger to blog about his or her personal experience can also boost your ranking.

In terms of website views, bloggers are notorious for sharing their own posts on social media, giving you that added boost.

But remember, not all bloggers are made equal. The best thing to do is to screen potential guest bloggers and check their portfolio before inviting them to write for you.

In conclusion

Some bloggers came into the scene without any knowledge about SEO, or not really knowing that blogging has a massive effect in search visibility and rankings. Today blogging, specifically Content Marketing, is one of the most effective to do SEO and to grow your business organically. 

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