5 Qualities That Make a Great Community Manager

By Ayin Azores on December 07, 2015
Ayin Azores

[Ayin is our resident Community Manager whose daily tasks include immersing herself some of our clients' Twitter and Facebook accounts, and eavesdropping on what everyone's talking about, all day everyday. More or less. This is her first post here, say hello!]

So, what on earth is a community manager, you ask? Well, there are several ways to know. You can begin by asking Google if you want legit stuff, then again I’ll try to explain it using my own words as well.

A community manager is someone who builds and manages an online community, ensuring that a certain brand is well-advertised online, and its brand reputation is kept positive at all times. A community manager is someone who tries to make the community happy by responding to queries, for instance.

As for me, I am #blessed to be a community manager of a brand that I absolutely love. And to quote our Managing Director, Jimmy Cassels, “This is Ayin, we pay her to drink beer and do other things.” This is totally true!

So, allow me to tell you more of those “other things” that I do and how I do it well—effectively.


1. A great community manager has a very good internet connection.

“Is the mobile data signal good in that place?” is a question I always ask whenever my friends and I decide to go on out of town trips. This is because I will lose my job if I don’t get not only a decent, rather a very strong internet connection.

In this time of age, everyone is always online but a community manager should be online 24/7, must interact with the community at all times, respond to messages and comments in a timely manner, and of course, hide/delete posts that might be a threat to the brand.

But, know that a great community manager also sleeps—a lot!


2. A great community manager listens and understands the community.

Yes, I hear and see everything. Not because I am God, but because I have handy social media listening tools such as Radian 6, Rankur, and Brandwatch. You just need to know what best fits your needs. It’s a lot like finding a boyfriend! Just kidding.

I listen to every sentiment anyone will ever say about the brand (online). But wait, there’s more! Besides the brand that I am handling, I must also know what your competitor brands are up to.

A great community manager should also speak the language of the community. That is why for some brands, it is best if the community manager is already in “character” to better relate to the members of the community.

Behind a happy community is a happier community manager!


3. A great community manager owns the brand.

Before I became a community manager, I was a sales manager for a five-star hotel chain. So, I basically know how important branding is and how to sell the brands I have handled, which I believe I owned. Why? Because you need to consider the brand as your own business.

How will you let your business grow? How will you let your brand earn a good reputation? Are you going to reply to a community post at 3 am when you’re wasted, just to regret everything in the morning upon finding out that your comment gained 300 replies and screenshots spreading all over the internet?

Nope, not gonna happen. A great community manager builds the reputation of the brand. It’s like the brand has a persona, and you have to make sure that you are living up to that persona.

“You are the brand, I am the brand.” Repeat this 100 times in front of the mirror every morning before going to work.


4. A great community manager has good time management skills.

Contrary to always saying that I get paid to drink beer and post stuff on the internet, I also conceptualize the things that I post online, that’s why numbers 1-3 are crucial.

I do not just post whatever I like, I actually do a lot of research that comes with occasional stalking. I ask around and get to be with the community (anonymously) every chance I get.

After the conceptualization stage, content plans are passed to the design and content team to make the posts more appealing before finally sending it to the client for approval.

It is best if there will be no revisions or comments from the client, but there is a 60% chance that there will be revisions. So, you must allot some extra time for this while juggling two or three other tasks like last minute event promotions, reports, etc.

After which comes the scheduling. All posts should be scheduled in times that the community is active, making sure that you can actually respond to the replies after it has been posted.

Besides the admin work, a great community manager is also everywhere. There’s an event coming up on the weekend, and some of the brand influencers will be there? The community manager will also be there!

A great community manager must know all the events that might have a great impact on the brand, and this can also be helpful in generating content. Point-shoot-upload. Time is gold, guys!


5. A great community manager knows how to have fun while working.

To quote what Jake on Adventure Time (Season 2, Episode: The Pods) said, “Work and fun don’t mix, not unless you are a clown.”

No matter how much I love the show, I must disagree to this. As I’ve said, I am #blessed to be assigned as a community manager of a brand that I love, which makes it easier for me to perform my daily tasks.

To get paid to be on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 24/7 is fun, right? However, it can also be a bit exhausting sometimes.

Every job can be toxic and stressful. But, once you’ve put your heart to what you are doing, have the right work attitude, and in my case, have the right amount of beer—everything will be alright. And no, I am not joking about the beer part.

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Ayin Azores

About Ayin Azores

Ayin is our Community Manager here in Spiralytics. (She didn’t really have a team, she was recently adopted by the content team) Prior to joining the Spiralytics, she was a part of the pioneer team of Travelbook Philippines where she worked in for the acquisition team and she was also Sales Manager at a 5 star hotel chain here in the Philippines. But then, she one day realised that quarter life crisis really does exist, and decided to switch careers. When she’s not doing rock and roll at work, she’s either in some island sleeping in the sand, writing poetry or baby sitting her nephew and niece. Check out her works here: www.hellopoetry.com/ayinaantok and her #kurAchadventures on instagram @ayinaantok

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