5 Common Pitfalls of Content Marketing and How to Avoid Them

By Nina Pineda on December 16, 2015
Nina Pineda

Content Marketing has become tougher than ever, with 88% of B2B companies claim to implement Content Marketing this year. The fact of the matter is, Content Marketing can make you or break you. It can do wonders for your business when done right, but it can waste you time and money if you commit the following mistakes—

Mistake 1: Prioritizing Quantity over Quality

In any way possible, you can sacrifice the quantity but never the quality of the product, right?

It’s better to produce less than have more yet useless information, as your content gives your site more worth. Since, we are dealing with hungry readers who want useful, informative, and humorous content, there’s no room for any “quantity over quality” strategy to optimize keywords.

Our aim should be to encourage people to share our content and engage them into something that will keep them interested for a long time. Let them forget about glancing and just moving on to the next post.

How to avoid this: Know your threshold. If you have the manpower and resources to produce a lot of content without sacrificing quality, go for it. But your best bet is still producing high quality content even with less frequency in a week.

Mistake 2: Using Inconsistent Tone or Voice

Forgetting about the quality of the content makes you anonymous to your readers, as we can’t be some mystery guy who will change personalities now and then.

Write like you’re really talking to them in person. Write something that will brand the company and make people remember it for that specific idea. But first, let’s establish what relationship with our readers we’re really up to.

Are you good to be a storyteller, an entertainer, or a voice of authority who demands something? The tone itself will tell what the site or business is all about.

How to avoid this: Brand the company, product, or service that you have. Make it easier for readers to remember your website with specific terms that uniquely describes you!

Mistake 3: Fear to Interact with Readers

If you’re afraid to reveal too much, then I guess you’re not for the business.

Content marketing is all about interacting with your readers. Do not limit them from knowing even a little about you, the people you work with, or what’s happening behind the scenes. A little sharing won’t cost you much time. So, give them something they can fully relate to.

How to avoid this: Tell your story. Open up. Let your readers know you so that they can trust you.

Mistake 4: No Follow-Ups

Expect it when you post content, you need to be ready to interact with your readers or followers. This is actually good because it means someone has read your post and bothered to comment.

Follow up on their comments and talk to them on their level. They are not writers like you who would be familiar with certain terms. Do not leave these comments unanswered because they won’t bother to follow up the next time.

Again, content marketing is all about building a relationship with your readers. Know about their opinions and give them insights. You might as well get ideas from their comments and inquiries.

How to avoid this: NEVER ignore any comment, especially inquiries. Always check emails that notify you about people who left comments on your posts.

Mistake 5: It's All about You!

Obviously, it’s your content. But if you brag about your product too much, you’ll lose your readers in no time.

Promoting your site or business sometimes is fine, especially when you launch a new product or have great announcements for them, but don’t put yourself on the spotlight because no one really cares if you’re selling this or that. Unless they get interested to your product, they will not bother to check on it.

Offer your readers something more engaging and entertaining. Just remember to make your content useful and your readers will do all the marketing for you!

How to avoid this: Limit yourself from writing too much about yourself, if it doesn't add value to your target readers. Instead, answer the questions and write stories that will resonate with them.

Do you know any other pitfalls of content marketing? Share them in the comment section!

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