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Jomel is a self-advocate of content marketing. He considers himself a jack-of-all trades, master of some with his limited but fruitful experience in design, public relations, accounts, social media, and events management. If he’s not working, he’s usually hanging out with his friends or in front of the television or laptop watching a series or a movie. He also calls himself #dudung on social media. For more digital marketing tips and advice from dudung, connect with him on twitter @JomelAlos.
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By Jomel Alos  | Mar 12, 2018

Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising Placements [Infographic]

One of the best features of Facebook advertising is its wide ad placement options which let advertisers choose the best area where they think their...


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By Jomel Alos  | Feb 7, 2018

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads Misconceptions You Should Correct Now

Due to its low cost and advanced targeting, many businesses try Facebook advertising to achieve their branding and sales goals. However, only a few...


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By Jomel Alos  | Feb 22, 2017

Social Media | Paid Advertising

Here's Why Every B2B Company Should Invest in Facebook Advertising

There’s a common misconception that Facebook advertising is only applicable to B2C companies. But in reality, B2B marketers can also use it to reach...


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By Jomel Alos  | Feb 9, 2017

Paid Advertising

5 Unforgivable B2B Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Facebook is the leading social media platform used by marketers, according to a study by Social Media Examiner. However, the same study cites a huge...


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By Jomel Alos  | Dec 16, 2016

SEO | B2B marketing

How to Use Pinterest to Effectively Build Links to Your Infographics

A couple of months ago, a colleague sent a screen shot of a link building strategy that Brian Dean shared on his Facebook page.


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By Jomel Alos  | Jun 22, 2016


9 Effective Link Building Lessons from Peepcon 2.0

Early this year, the Content Marketing team of Spiralytics received an invitation from our SEO team to join them at PeepCon 2.0, a Search Marketing...


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